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High School Dropouts? | Dropouts 101

High School Dropouts?

Yes, children do drop out of school in Kindergarten. Even more alarming is that this developmental outcome has remained elusive to parents, educators, administrators, community stakeholders, and governmental officials for over a century. Why? Because drooping out of school is not conceptualized or considered an issue that originates, develops, persists, and comes to a close at the elementary level of education. Rather, we conceptualize high school dropout phenomena as an issue that originates, develops, and comes to an end at the high school or secondary level of education. Indeed, don’t we call them “high school dropouts?” Yet, our study clearly demonstrates that high school dropouts should be considered near the forefront of our nations educational agenda during the elementary level of education. Long before a child enters high school.

Question: Knowing the aforementioned why do educators, special interest groups, community stakeholders, and policy makers continue to focus their efforts at the secondary level of education? What can we do to change this fallacious way of thinking?

  1. We try to fix “problems” that we think are plain to see. But are we fixing “problems” or “symptoms” of problems?

    With pressure for speedy reforms, ready fixes, media sound-bites, and a great story, we don’t take the time to really know issues.

    Or such is my thinking!

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