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Chapter 6 – Middle School | Dropouts 101

Chapter 6 – Middle School

The idea of getting these students at-risk for dropping out “back on track” assumes there is an available school track (usually the same track used by graduates) by which to reach the goal or the “end of the line” called graduation. By middle school, dropouts are so entrenched in their developmental path it has become too late for educators and other stakeholders to lock in on a linear or singular approach of getting those children “back on track.” In other words, at this stage in school development, there are no “quick fixes” or “magic bullets” that can repair the child or alter the developmental track that ends with dropping out of school.

Unfortunately, many educators and stakeholders hold the belief that everyone can succeed and graduate from high school despite clear evidence that suggests differently. Let’s take a closer look at this assumption of identifying children at risk for dropping out of high school and getting them “back on track”.

Progression of Subject/Course Performance from Elementary to Middle School