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Do Children Drop Out of School in Kindergarten?: Epilogue | Dropouts 101

Do Children Drop Out of School in Kindergarten?: Epilogue

When it comes to education, the three rules of engagement are standardization, standardization, and standardization. Why? We live in a bureaucratic society that is so layered from the national government to the state departments of education, to the county superintendents, to the district superintendents, to the school principals, to the teachers, to the parents, and finally the children themselves that we have created an education system of continual paper trails that hand cuff and prevent parents and local educators from making a move without being scrutinized or placed in some level of accountability. Chants and cries of “standardization,” “unification,” “aligning,” “streamlining,” and the creation of “common” curricula, textbooks, and teaching methods have created an educational system that has paralyzed the imagination and creativity of children, stripped away any notion of individuality among children, and has ultimately overlooked the human ecology of life. Basically, the education system we have today suffers from paralysis by analysis! Or said differently, the education system suffers from insamity. That is, the pathological need to create sameness.

The problem with such a method of thinking and operating is that there is no such thing as a “standardized” child, a “unified” child, a “common” child, or an “aligned” child. Children develop differently and have multiple systems in their lives that affect development. This presents a problem because the current view of our educational system, from national government to local schools, focuses on “standardization,” “unification,” “commonalities,” “aligning,” and other nice ideas of putting everyone into the same Petri Dish.