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Gregory P. Hickman, Ph.D. | Dropouts 101

Gregory P. Hickman, Ph.D.

Greg Hickman is currently a professor at Walden University and Associate Editor for Journal of At-Risk Issues. As former Director, Arizona Dropout Initiative research Interests include educational psychology, at-risk children and adolescents, impact of parenting on child development, programmatic evaluations, high school dropouts, and college retention and adjustment. Such research has been published in numerous scientific journals and has been presented in a variety of business, educational, community, and political venues. Greg is also the author of Sports Doc Books™ (sportsdocbooks.com) which incorporates problems children encounter with family, peer, school, and community centered around sports.  Greg lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with this wife Tammy, his sons Alex and Zach, and their four dogs Cooper, Earle, Ryder, and Buckeye (Yes, all Ohio State football coaches and mascot).

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