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The Partners: Toward a Better Future | Dropouts 101

The Partners: Toward a Better Future

The Partners is a consultancy group that provides support to school stakeholders for engaging in action learning that enhances the lives of youth and educators through school improvement.

Relying on research-based frameworks, The Partners offer expert advice, tools, and processes that help school stakeholders iteratively gain clinical, systems-based understanding of current status of issues and opportunities as part of change initiatives for driving professional development and improved organizational outcomes.

School stakeholders can optimally reduce gaps between present and preferred schooling by implementing practices through sustained efforts centered on shared and emergent values and reliable data.

Services Rendered (in part or whole)

  1. Presentation of Do Children Drop Out of School in Kindergarten? findings
  2. Action learning (program evaluation) professional development
  3. Action learning (program evaluation) implementation
  4. Statistical analyses linking host of performance measures


  1. Engaging why we do what we do, instead of just what we do, promotes deep reflection and change
  2. Supports tailored to needs, context, school stakeholder preferences
  3. Ecological and system theories are linked for understanding depth and complexities of human disposition and behavior
  4. Institutional-centeredness rationalizes processes but does not always promote best practices
  5. Action learning promotes improved shared understanding over cause-and-effect, intuitive thinking
  6. Fixing problems calls for ownership, positive orientation

If you wish to discuss how we might be able to support your school, group or both, contact us at info@dropouts101.com