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Welcome to Dropouts101

Welcome to our website! We do hope you find value in some of our offerings as we seek to find ways to help youth who face barriers succeed in school!

To start the conversation, I wonder? Could a “dropout” be a “push-out” (a student the school staff pushes out) or “early school leaver”? While using the word dropout is common across our society for describing youth who don’t graduate from school, the word suggests the fault lies solely with the student. Could there be additional factors at play, like what goes on at home, school, and community? We address these and a host of other issues in our book.

Perhaps blaming the student misses the point of finding remedy. Do we often just blame youth for behavior instead of trying to find ways to be personally accountable for being helpful?

In any case, we’re pleased you are here. Please look around and let us know what you make of our effort.